Writing it out

In yesterday’s onslaught of pomodoros, I attempted to address the technological context of the 1970s music industry in 1000 words, predominantly through the lens of Jethro Tull’s classic concept album, Thick as a Brick. Contrary to some of my previous concerns throughout the semester, in which I have struggled to elaborate on certain sections and find enough words to explore them in adequate detail – yesterday I didn’t allow the ‘word count’ feature to influence me. Instead I just focused on writing out my ideas and thoughts on the topic, letting them flow naturally, adding references as i found them. I managed to set over 2000 words to the page and I still felt that the territory was not properly covered..

While I am aware that exceeding target word counts should be the least of my worries for the moment, as many of the superfluous phrases and sentences i have included can be weeded out in the editing process, there is an imbalance surfacing in the word counts I have accumulated so far across the different sections of my prescribed thesis structure. Whereas I had no problems finding the words for this particular case study, there are other segments (written using the same approach) that have not been so free-flowing…

My concern is that an extended work requires consistency.. From the introduction onwards – all of the key concepts and ideas relevant to the thesis should be given at least roughly equal time – with a select few that stand out as more significant, in order to drive the concluding points home. (i.e: there is no use in providing four case studies if you are going to focus the majority of my case study allocation on just one)

The thought does cross my mind that perhaps I have taken on a task that is too big to address in the amount words that I have to play with, but then again I have yet to begin the proper editing stage of my work. It is surely better to have words on the page that can be edited down, rather than enduring a constant struggle to find the words at all.

I think I am going to persevere with this method of ‘writing it out’ – welcoming all the detail that I can possibly provide for each case study or chapter for the time being, so that it’s all there on the page, and freeing myself of the limitations and constraints of the ‘meet this strict word count’ mindset. There will no doubt be some long days and nights in the editing room – but hey – you do the hokie pokie and you turn around – and that’s what it’s all about.


About simonwoodhonours

Simon Wood (Honours in Media and Communication) is an RMIT student whose specialist discipline is in the 'contemporary music industry'. For his honours study in 2013, Simon will be researching the ‘concept album’, and its significance within the contemporary music industry.
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