Prince made a suggestion, I listened

After a challenging weekend where i went a bit ‘crazy’ and found myself questioning many areas of life and assessing my goals for the year ahead, i’m feeling a bit more at ease today, and I have arrived at the conclusion that i need to spend more time at university. Stepping away from the distractions of home and into a world full of facilities that can assist and promote good research habits and enhance my sense of wonder is what i need right now.

Prince is going to take a back seat for a while.. He will resurface throughout the year at numerous points, but i think ‘Concept Albums’ in a broader sense are where my true passion lies.

In preparation for my essay in Media and Communication Futures essay i have been reading up on the parallels between popular culture and religion – which has been of much interest.

John Frow’s ‘Is Elvis a God’ confronts the career of Elvis from a societal standpoint that suggests the influence his actions had on his audience were at times similar to that of a religious leader..

While ‘Star trek fandom as a religious phenomenon’ by Michael Jindra explicates the similarities between new age religions and the fan-cult and conventions associated with Star Trek. More on this soon

About simonwoodhonours

Simon Wood (Honours in Media and Communication) is an RMIT student whose specialist discipline is in the 'contemporary music industry'. For his honours study in 2013, Simon will be researching the ‘concept album’, and its significance within the contemporary music industry.
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