Is there a better time to be studying Prince?

Prince’s third eye girl graphic

After researching the recent developments in the saga of Prince, i feel that there is not..

In 2011, after over a decade of innovative and extremely forward-thinking internet marketing and music release campaigns (he was indeed the first major artist to release an album over the internet with 97’s ‘Crystal Ball’), Prince made the claim, ‘The internet is dead’.

He suggested, much to the dismay of Prince fans (and to the joy of those who no longer cared) that with online piracy thriving, he wouldn’t record music until there was a way for artist’s to make deacent money from online music distributions without the need to ally with services such as iTunes etc.

‘We’re analogue people.. Not digital’. Full interview below:

To see Prince’s empire strike back in such a profound way with a series of mysterious new music releases in early 2013 hosted on a website with the name ‘Third Eye Girl’ is extremely gratifying.. Not only because this new band (are they called Third Eye Girl?) consists of Prince and three fine looking ladies who are damn exciting to watch.. but because the new music being released is fresh, unique, and honestly – very good.
As far as correlation with my personal studies is concerned, the ultimate scenario has yet to emerge – the release of a NEW Prince album.. but at least i know that somewhere in the future, there may be hope.

On that note – my precursor project for media objects will see me exercising some creativity, as I explore the idea of how albums might be released in the future – through none other than the purple royal himself. Here’s my idea..

For my precursor project, I will be writing from the perspective of a Prince fan in 2020, who has just had a unique consumer experience after the release of a fictional new Prince record, which I have titled ‘Prince’s 2020 Vi5ion’. (This album title is fitting as it boasts futuristic implications as well as historical references to Prince’s past career, with it’s use of ‘Princebonics’.) Prince’s ambition for this 2020 release is to re-engage his audience with the ‘full album’ format in a time where music singles are ubiquitous and an album release (in the traditional sense at least) is considered old-fashioned and very daring. In true Prince fashion, however, this ‘hyper-album’ is unlike anything Prince has been known for in the past – and his audience, who have waited patiently for several years for this new release, can expect a rather cryptic adventure if they are to obtain the entirety of this unique release, and fully experience the artist’s ‘2020 Vi5ion’.



About simonwoodhonours

Simon Wood (Honours in Media and Communication) is an RMIT student whose specialist discipline is in the 'contemporary music industry'. For his honours study in 2013, Simon will be researching the ‘concept album’, and its significance within the contemporary music industry.
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