Get This Mind In 2 Gear – Prince

While sitting in my various classes throughout the past week, i have been thinking a lot about how best to frame the research question for my thesis.. how much emphasis should be given to my study of albums, concept albums, consumer habits and the listening experience; in comparison to my study of Prince – a man that’s so interesting to study that i could easily spend the next few years putting together a biography about him, without ever tiring..

In what way should I divide the two worlds in order to unite them in the most coherent and powerful fashion?

As it may be easy to fathom, i am using this blog post as a way to gather my thoughts, take a good look at what i have achieved in the past week and attempt to move forward with some kind of clarity and certainty in my vision.

Media objects has been most enjoyable in the past few weeks (i’m pleased to have settled in now after a delayed start). Our study of Bogost’s ‘Alien Phenomenology’ has been very interesting, and i look forward to getting through chapter 4 and 5 over easter..

Through our class discussions and out-of-class activities related to Bogost, i have certainly started to rekindle that academic spark that went missing over the long summer break – where i saw two-three gigs a week and enjoyed working hard on my personal music endeavours.

Chapter 3 on ‘metaphorism’ was slower, and on a personal level, less relevant to me than the previous 2 chapters – although it did raise some fascinating points about the way ‘things’ relate to each other – not from our human perspective as such, but rather the perspective of the things themselves.

‘What is it like for a bat to be a bat?’ (p.63), this is impossible for us to know – as we are ‘restricted to the resources of our own mind, and they are inadequate to the task’.

Discussions elsewhere in the chapter include: the classic ‘animate vs inanimate’ argument with regards to our ethics when considering objects, a glance at the way our accounts of object perceptions are often exaggerated by our use of metaphors as we attempt to ‘underscore the difference between ourselves and the objects around us’, and finally the ‘daisy chain’ of metaphors that follow us around in our everyday lives as we attempt to make sense of the world and things around us.

My zotero and evernote accounts are up and running which is pleasing, but the rate at which i learn to understand them properly is coming along at more of a moderate jog.. that aside, my bookmarked list of journals, articles, ebooks and videos to watch has rocketed from 0 to 35 in the space of 48 hours, and the easy integration of evernote on the iphone has been useful in staying in the research headspace while i am mobile..

In this intense past 48 hours, though this blog has sorely missed me – my Prince autobiography has been traumatised after saying ‘hello to my little friend’ – the highlighter… which has worked its magic on the entirety of the book. I have enjoyed my further studies for Futures class with Danielle – analysing the treatment of pop stars as idols, and the associated fan worship that in some cases can be seen as an implicit religion. This is something that is very true in the case of Prince and his cult-like following that i look forward to writing about tomorrow. Hell, i might even get Scrivener tomorrow to take things up to 11!

I’m sure this blog post served me well somewhere up in brain land, even if it seems like an incomprehensible trainwreck to any other friends who may read it!

Rave un2 tha joy fantastic!

About simonwoodhonours

Simon Wood (Honours in Media and Communication) is an RMIT student whose specialist discipline is in the 'contemporary music industry'. For his honours study in 2013, Simon will be researching the ‘concept album’, and its significance within the contemporary music industry.
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