One hour of mania – one hundred percent relief

My previous post ‘Media Objects’ put on a most impressive disappearing act overnight – and failed to show itself during a discussion with Adrian in the lab this morning. The PAIN!

Luckily, after some maniacal backtracking on the computer that i originally posted from, i have been able to locate the post – re-invigorate it – and feature it as a part of my blog.

Maybe the Hainanese chicken rice and slices of kaya toast that i had for lunch in the midst of my frustration gave me this secret recovery power? I could have sworn that all hope was gone.. All i know is that i am very relieved – so…


Original logo property of WordPress.

Original logo property of WordPress.


About simonwoodhonours

Simon Wood (Honours in Media and Communication) is an RMIT student whose specialist discipline is in the 'contemporary music industry'. For his honours study in 2013, Simon will be researching the ‘concept album’, and its significance within the contemporary music industry.
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